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Default Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

Truthman thank you, at times I am hesitant to write. Once your body begins generating these frequencies is like opening pandora's box. Everything becomes so clear, it is as if I am living in two worlds at once. Nothing that I have experience before can compare to this. I am almost afraid to ask questions because I start to access information at such a fast rate my mind cannot keep up with the information and it overwhelms me. I hope that what we are learning can be pass down to our children. Emmanuel Swedenborg used to sleep for weeks at a time while visiting spiritual realms. As a young man reading his books I wonder if this could be possible. Could people soul travel at will ? I guess you guys and gals know my answer, that is a definite YES. I just get constant chills and if I am driving or something where my attention has to be there I find that I can do both but my body begins to shake a little. Not a nervous type shake but a vibrational type, I cannot hold my spirit to this dimension . All the answers to your questions can be reveal to you in a instant once you are free of the illusion, if I leave anything to my children it will be a manual on how to activate your inner essence and set it free. There are many ways, I know. The experiments with these frequencies have produce some incredible results, I hope that it can benefit you as much as it has me. Thank you all...
May you find your way, may your journey open the door to your home for it is there that you will know ;"the real you".
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