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Default Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

Originally Posted by Frank Samuel View Post
The progress in the money experiment. Money just keeps getting easier to manifest itself in my life. I am almost freaking out, but hey there's many things that as much logic , scientific reasoning or other types of explanations that I applied it still freaks me out. I know there's people who are incredibly lucky, I met such people and I can tell you luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. The frequency vibrations which your inner essence can produce can materialize anything you want in your life. I wish it was that easy to solve the problems manifested in this world. Here's one controversial statement which I would like to mention base on the conclusions of my money research. The inhabitants of this planet are responsible for manifesting our present reality. In other words through the media , the education system and other brainwashing institutions the illusion of negativity through war , education to achieve power and success.The privilege vs. the non privilege, poor as oppose to rich. We have contribute to this reality by accepting this illusion as a matter of fact, we have become contributors to this chaos. To alter this 3 dimensional reality is not as hard as some might think. I am sure there's people who would love to disprove my conclusions for whatever reason. Is okay with me, really !!! It takes one person at a time to make this a better world by changing your inner perception of this 3 dimensional so called reality. PS as I am writing this my small children are tugging at my feet. So I got to go.

Yes Frank I know that you are 100% percent correct. I'm also experimenting on my own thanks to your inspiring story and now I'm doing what I need to do to bring change with a lot more consistency than two years ago when I first discovered the solfeggio frequencies.

I'm starting to see positive change and it only has been two weeks. Thanks for this thread and keep letting us know about your progress and your experiences.

Peace brother

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