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Default ART to IMPACT the PSYCHE (not for the faint of heart)

As a professional artist, I love pretty pictures too. Especially artwork done by hand; and in that sense I'm a purist in an age of computer-aided design (some of which produces stunning results). But whether by hand or by mouse-- noble it is for a human being to extend into the material or virtual world, the visual realm of one's psyche.

So art is an expression of psychic energies. Sometimes. And sometimes it's a weapon of war. The war to manifest a specific stable of ideas and to encourage a specific viewer-consciousness, however gradual a process. The artist of the new ... constructs a visual embryo toward the birth of a forward-looking agenda. An endeavor of soft power to inseminating new seeds into the visual realm of Psyche herself.

Therefore I wield my brush as a sword....

From the series of paintings called "Mindsnapper":

"... The overarching theme [of Mindsnapper] is that human consciousness is both a progenitor and a product of local and global events; and that this "internal" and "external" force, respectively, are distinct vital systems of a single, universal organism. Mindsnapper reaches toward the prospect of an emerging civilization-mode rooted in this "universal" perception-- one largely powered by light-based energy. Here the concept of "illumination" is approached, both from a consciousness and a materials perspective."

From Scalar Wars: The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

"......A third howitzer mode is what Col. Bearden calls "Mindsnapper" mode. This is a truly frightening mode which affects the electromagnetic mind-body connection. Being mind-snapped at a low level would cause you to lose consciousness. Being mind-snapped at a slightly higher power would "entrain" all minds in the target area into a kind of hypnogogic trance, a state in which they would all be highly susceptible to suggestions and orders. ..."


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