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Default --==: A New Mayan Tzolkin Calendar ? :==--


I was waiting for an indicator to post this information and it happened just a few minutes ago reading a webpage on David Wilcock's website at this link:

This webpage states:

According to the Law of One series, most of which came through in 1981, our solar system is pushing its way into a new zone of energy in the galaxy, which will in turn shift Earth’s native energy level into "fourth density", and / or "true-color green," as of 2011-2013.
What caught my attention is that it stated Earth's energy would shift towards "green" and the color green is used for the new glyphs in a new Mayan Tzolkin calendar that I have seen. The way I understand it is that this new Mayan calendar has different frequencies but it also contains the entire current Mayan Tzolkin calendar as well. What was shared with me is that prior to a shift into a new cycle that a new Tzolkin may appear in consciousness like a seed being planted.

This green shift has other interesting relationships like:

- Green is the color of the HEART chakra
- Green is the center of the light spectrum
- Green is the center of the Mayan Medicine wheel
- Green is mentioned in the Mayan book "Popol Vuh"
- Green Knight of King Arthur legend

In Mayan story the color Green relates to fresh, new, or birth and thus would
relate to the beginning of a new cycle.

And so if we actually shift or change into another dimension, frequency, or density then it would make sense that the Mayan Tzolkin may also change.
So perhaps the new Tzolkin I have seen is real and is a very positive thing.

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