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Default Re: Is MANCHILD floating reptillian OVERLORD - SHOCKING unTRUTH?

Originally Posted by 3optic View Post
Actually Kulapops, after some honest reflection it seems to me you may be right about the tone. One size does not fit all and I've been here long enough to know who's who and the lay of the land so to speak.

I was taken away with the cleverness and ignored the personalities involved. Maybe it does cross the line and if I offended anyone by joining in I apologize.

I'm clearly not to be outdone in reversals!
Well, i don't think you're a member who needs to worry 3optic. You responded to my post about this after all.. out of how many online members just now ??

So I think you are doing a good amount of reflection.

My post has nothing to do with Manchild or Slerbot or even you.. though I am pleased you responded !

I'm just saying, 'Watch out for the kindling, there's piles of it everywhere'
over the forum just now.

Once alight, that energy will fuel bright flames.

Thanks 3optic. Good to meet you here.

I'm not going to post back to this thread, I don't want to prolong its life. I made my point, no point bangin' on about it!

Let's get a drink !

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