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Hello David.

About truth.
The problem with truth is that it is a form that confirms a belief. It is not an absolute. It does not matter whether the truth is a spiritual truth, a scientific truth, or whatever other truth type that can be imagined. A truth remains a convention that must conform to human psychological limitations. Otherwise, rather than referring to truth, we would be referring to levels of access to information.

About belief.
No, I do not mean to never blindly believe. I mean to never believe, period. As soon as a person believes, he surrenders to the intelligence of another, or to the impressions created by something.
I understand that within a psychological paradigm, people are set to act according to what they believe. This is quite true. But on the other hand, they are totally impressionable, therefore subject to manipulation.
So, it is not because you believe that OGMs are safe that they are. (not talking about you, just an example).

So, if we are forced to believe, it is because we lack the faith in our own reality. We have been lowered to the status of small creatures. And we expect reality to be shown to us from outside.

Why should you believe anything at all? I am not saying that people should systematically contest this and that, but I am saying that everything that has been part of the current cycle must now be questioned.

Not just what pleases the psychological mind to question, but the very foundations of that psychological mind, which is a construct that was put in place to insure a very specific direction in human progress. There is no such thing as luck.

I find your assessment of the importance of recognizing the decision process to be quite important a point to raise.
And you aptly showed how beliefs control behavior.
It is easy to extrapolate how beliefs, that become truths, impact the human experience. It is quite pervasive.
Just look at the Middle East, at all the forces in place, all with their own take based on their beliefs that are brandished as truths.

On another note, I will take another example how far beliefs go.
Take for example your statement:

"No one person on the planet has access to all of the information needed to make the decisions in their lives and thus much is invisible to them."

This statement seems quite reasonable as such.
On the other hand, how do you know that not one person on the planet has access to all the information needed to make decisions in his life?

Humanity as a whole tends to project its vision as a measure of reality.

Imagine the president of a powerful country who would deal with other countries on the premise that they have the same values, think the same, and want the same as he does. A president that would be totally ignorant of the cultural bubbles, even his own bubble to start. It is not difficult to imagine the potential mistake.

Likewise the individual projects onto others his own impressions of himself.

He believes that his limitations are universal. That all humans are the same.

But it would be a shock to really go into somebodyelse's head and find out that nothing is like what he thought he would find, nothing at all.

Likewise, humanity projects its own illusions over the entire universe.

The fundamental question is why?

People seek the truth believing that the truth will come to them.

I say that this condition will end as the base that has supported this form of mentality will be taken away and the individual has to re-assess reality from outside the field of logic.

Best to you too.
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