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Richard - I just had a few comments for you to consider.

For one, when I speak of truth seeking, I am speaking of all forms of truth (as opposed to just spiritual truth). When one seeks the truth of things, they are also seeking to know the lies. This includes the most mundane things such as "Do I trust this person right now?"

You say to never believe. I think what you mean by this is to never blindly believe. Yet, from my perspective, every decision you make is based on belief. You board a plane believing that it can fly. You buy food at a store and eat it believing that it is safe to do so. You sit in a chair believing it will support your weight. You cannot live on this plane without believing in a whole host of things. We are forced to believe in those around us because the vast majority of us are completely dependent on other members of the human race to support our lives (feed us for example).

Now, again, my original point was only to recognize the process. In every moment that we make a decision, we are making that decision based on things we know and things we do not know. That process is being highlighted right now just by the virtue that so much that we previously trusted is now suspect. So much of what we used to believe (and take for granted) is now in our conscious mind and being considered.

As much as someone may try to avoid belief in the invisible, it is not possible. No one person on the planet has access to all of the information needed to make the decisions in their lives and thus much is invisible to them. It does not matter whether invisible implies the non-physical or the physical that is just simply not seen. What is the difference anyway?

No matter how you look at it, each person has to make decisions on their own. Even if you just follow another, you are still choosing to do so. In this regard, nothing has changed; this has always been the way it is. Yet, for whatever reason, I feel that I am guided to pay more attention to the process.

Thanks for your reply and best wishes to you,
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