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Default Re: Do satanists/sinners appoint the saints ???

I'm 'seeing' a Human God of This World...and a Reptilian God of This the core of the Roman Catholic a mixture of good, evil, truth, error, sanity, and insanity. I'm further 'seeing' this core of power going back to Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt...back to Atlantis and Lemuria...back to Sirius, Aldebaran, the Pleiades, Alpha Draconis...and ultimately back to Lyra. I'm also 'seeing' Protestanism as being the lapdog of the RCC. I can't prove any of this...but this is my current delusion. However...if this is correct...the RCC is simply a 'modern' manifestation of something very, very ancient...rather than being based upon what Jesus taught. In fact...Jesus got in the run over...and got turned into sort of a bloody mascot.

In my view...the only way we will ever have the kind of world which most of us for the God's of This World to retire...and give the power to We The People of Earth. Don't hold your breath.

Keep going to church. Don't make a scene. Don't jump out of the frying pan...and into the fire. Don't join a cult. Most church people are good people...including the clergy. But take it upon yourself to learn the whole ugly truth about what's really going on in this Universe...and learn about the dark side of the church. I'm just scratching the surface...and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. Get informed without getting angry...and without going downhill spiritually. And whatever you do...don't cross the Jesuits!!

Unrelatedly...have you seen the South Park Merry !@#$ Christmas on YouTube? Viewer discretion highly advised. I won't provide a link. Also...check out this ufo/church link and especially note the artwork!!! Could this be a future saint??? ET Phone Rome???


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