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Default God is alive and well

There is an idea that God created the world then retired to heaven and is waiting there to judge us.
I don't believe that.
At the risk of being annoying I again point to a Mystic of our time Dr David Hawkins.
He is presenting Eternal Truth in a modern scientific way.

The energy of God is Love creating moment by moment through every atom in the Cosmos. Likened to a giant electromagnetic field of which we as electromagnetic are part of.
Nothing comes into existence except through that energy we call God.
God as timeless eternal truth does not change but our perception of Him does as we evolve in consciousness.

The Bible was written for the populous of that time and is still valid as is the Baghavad Gita and other great spiritual works but they were in a language relevant to time and culture, therefore open to miss understanding in our time.
God would not leave us in these troubled times with out advanced spiritual teachers that we can relate to.

Dr Hawkins says that the ego has been the cause of all strife I believe him, he explains how the ego came into being as an animal survival mechanism. It served its purpose well, times change we need to move on.

He also claims that "The book of Revelations" in the Bible was channeled from the lower astral, that it is true for that realm but not true for us. in other words no Armageddon here.
If you can believe Dr Hawkins then you can see that many religious beliefs are founded on a fallacy. Wars have been fought over this book in the Bible. It has certainly produced a lot of fear. Anything that promotes fear could not possibly be attributed to a God of Love.
That would just not make any sense.
Dr Hawkins first book "Power vs Force" is a bridge between the intellect and the heart.
Later books like "The eye of the I" go into great depth on spiritual matters,
If you are really interested in moving forward spiritually I suggest that you at least read "Power vs Force" which has an endorsement by the late St Mother Teresa of Calcutta India.
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