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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Ok friends, read this, you'll thank me as you are coming up higher in consciousness and freeing yourself from lack and limitation, this is the good stuff here, this is the good stuff, enjoy:

Part 1. Spiritual blindness the main challenge presented by the ego
Part 2. Why the ego cannot see the forest for the trees
Part 3. Why the ego is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole
Part 4. Why the ego becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
Part 5. Why the ego wants you to think the world is black and white
Part 6. Why the ego wants you to think the world is gray
Part 7. How the ego can use a spiritual teaching to abort your quest for truth
Part 8. How the ego seeks to divert your attention from the inner path
Part 9. Why the ego will always be a house divided against itself
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