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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
I don't really know, where are we now?
Sorry, does 6 question marks indicate a rhetorical question??????

Indeed Zenith
The key stuck for a moment?????????
Just like that.

I laugh because the thread is by the ego suggesting and asking egos for ways to speed up its demise.
Only it doesn't know that.
It thinks its going to be an enlightened ego.
I haven't the heart to tell it otherwise.
Im quite fond of christopher and the things he gets up to but I must surrender that fondness to the greater Love of God.

As to where we are aI can only answer or my self.
Im home ward bound.
Anyone know a short cut?
Think I tried them all over many life times.
Back to
Love love and then see what happens.

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