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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Dear M1,

I have 2 friends with very similar experiences, One has always had presences in his room at night, physical pressure, ticking sounds, (not clocks) visions, dreams ect,

My other friend was going through a very rough patch and my girlfriend, at the time, gave him a very large crystal,(cant remember the type) to put in his shirt pocket over his heart. He was driving through a storm, had his window down about 100 mill when a bolt of lightening came through the window straight into the crystal over his heart!!! (TRUE STORY) He stopped the car, was in a daze, gathered himself together as best he could and drove home. He did not sleep for 1 week, his energy levels were through the roof...

After a week or so he seemed to retreat in-to himself, I performed with him 4 nights a week in a band for 15yrs and have known him for 35yrs.

I could see something was very wrong with him but he was reluctant to talk...

He finally came clean and told me what was happening to him...

Entities, voices, remembering past lives and I mean all over the multiverse's, he experienced profound things that would of put most in a state of "looneyness" He could see the dead, he could feel things about to happen...

I tried my best to help him and after 7 years he got to a place of understanding...he can remember sending himself here to this time-line on earth from the 9th dimension, He was warned by fellow 9th beings "are you sure you want to do this" He said yes and I will forget everything when I'm now see's for himself what he wanted to do, that was to experience this 3d reality and to be of service to others, He has been my best teacher because of this! He is now in a place of peace opposed to how he was when he first started to remember, He often chats with his 9th dimensional self!!! yes he does...took me a long time to understand this...
The lightening was the catalyst for his awakining, tho he calls it his "remembering"

Anyways he taught me this: if and whenever you are being or feel threatened by other beings/entities you say this:


Now this works for him whenever he finds himself amongst other beings/entities when he feels THE ENERGY DOES'NT RESONATE WITH HIM! My other friend (as wrote above) adopted this veiw point and the first time he said those words he was left alone.

I will say this: you are not alone M1, there are many who are trying to grasp "WTF', I wanted to share with you my dear friends experience's, hope this is of some help???

Much love to you always

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