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Default The 2009 Uncensored (magazine) Symposium - Auckland

The 2009 Uncensored (magazine) Symposium - is in Auckland on Sunday April 26 from 10am to 8pm.

Some amazing speakers will be there from:

Lloyd Pye - "The Starchild Skull: Proof at Last of Human-Alien Hybrid?"

Martin Doutre - Pre-Maori Civilisations in Ancient New Zealand

Jonathan Gray - The True Story the Discovery of Noah's Ark.

Evan Sadler - Christianity, Satanism and the New World Order

Nicola Grace - Can we Keep Our Health Freedom in New Zealand?

David Holden - The Scientific Basis of Naturopathic Therapies

Olive McRae - The Long and Short of the Fluoride Conspiracy

Movie - The Secrets and Supression of Free Energy technologies

All day event, 10am to 8pm and tickets are just $50 or $40 prepaid by April 1st. Contact: The editor at or see for further info and updates.

Should be a great day!
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