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Default Re: Something mentally & spiritually attacking my cousin?

Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Okay Jacody, could you tell me how old he is. The reason I ask this is because sometimes you have to rule out anything organic being wrong with him and it manifesting at his age into an illness.

Apart from that I need to ask you what you have been doing in your room (and I mean everything) and truthfully and/or in the house. I need you to be totally honest. Once I get this info I will tell you what to do.
1. He is 9 years old

2. I didn't really do anything I can think of, but the house has a little history. A man who lived here drowned in a pond just down the hill, and you can occasionally see things and hear things here as well. His cousin, who is now in his 40s, and ironically my cousin's coach said that his uncle had an Ouija board as well in here, if that helps any. I've just watched Television, researched on my computer, and thought my thoughts about god and such in this room, really.
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