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Default Dream from the eighties

My vision of the future was in a dream, during the mid eighties, where I found myself in a big spacious city, looking up at the sky and seeing a huge mothership, gliding and obscuring the sky completely. No fear, just a realisation that this was "contact". The ship was greyblack with lots of colored lights on it, very beautiful. Complete silence too. Around the time of this dream I had another dream of being in a big city and noticing a very high piercing tone, interpretating it as the call for gathering of the "chosen" or the "ones that are called". I noticed suddenly that I knew which one of the people around me were called too and we moved silently, without words,
to whatever destiny..... which I don't remember from the dream.
The effect of this dream was profound. It touched my soul. I read the books of Whitley Strieber, Communion and Transformation at the time of the dreams.
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