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Default Re: THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND

Originally Posted by Malynda View Post
Now that is brilliant. I had never even thought of that. Thank you.
there is a lot of brilliance many miss

- as, they do NOT want to read

and/or support another / anymore than they support themselves

perhaps, it is best, those types do NOT read

HEAVEN does NOT forbid them from waking up ...

also, there are a lot of things that hang out,

in the higher densities of beings

that are NOT in 100% alignment with their missions/purposes/and, tasks

and, until you give them THE BOOTS

they will always be there - forever !!!

and/or STUDY - that is often the time,
you need the reading/and, the studying the most

even in the word density



and, 'i'

even low 's'

iT iS always, and, in all ways, UP to YOU
to CHOICE to RiSe and, to SHiNE

everything is a choice !!!

every choice leads to a different set of consequences

all choices are valid !!!
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