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Default Community in Vermont!

Hi everyone...this is my first post. I hail from the tiny country of Vermont. It is just south of Canada and north of the USA. The last bastion of independent thought, and a very liberal place indeed. That said, I am still viewed by most as being waaaaaaaaay out there because of my beliefs.

I am very serious about starting up a small community. I am now living in the Connecticut River valley, and am planning to sell my home and move to a different location. I will be buying a minimum of 20 acres and building an earth-sheltered home on it designed to withstand the worst case scenario, which as many of you know is... winds in excess of 300MPH, a complete shut down of the electric grid and all electronic communications, and NO transport of any kind. I guess self sufficient, sustainable, and off grid are what I have in mind.

If there are any folks here who are conscious, positive, and ready to do more than talk, I would like to hear from you...
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