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Default Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Originally Posted by Knowwheretorun View Post

THAT is the mindset of the real Illuminati, they have just got better at selling their own viewpoint to people, in subtle ways that make the people think they were the ones who came up with the idea to hate Christians, never stopping to consider it was sold to them from cradle to grave, from the schools to the tv.
Yes, but this is only happening in america and a few european countries

In south america for example (where a really good friend of mine was born raised and now lives and some family members of mine lived until a couple months ago) there are very strong christians and no tv specials about Darwinian evolution and no zietgiest. From what I understand this is also the case in Russia and of course the middle east (lets not forget what religion their trashing the most).

I don't think its one big conspiracy run from the vatican. I think there are many groups all with there own interests. This is why you hear things about the jesuits, illuminati, freemasons, NWO, thule society, neocons, etc and it all gets very confusing. All of this information is out there.

I agree with you that they are trying to make people hate christians. I also think they are trying to make christians hate athiests, muslims, abortion patients etc just listen to rush limbaugh, glenn beck, or alex jones.

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