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Default Re: Which film is better at opening the eyes of the people and why?

Originally Posted by ChooseYourLifeNow View Post
A movie that changed my life "What the Bleep Do You Know"

It's amazing! About quantum physics and how we create our own realities.....amazing! If you have not seen it, you must!
I watched it...and read "The Secret."

IMO, It's a good start to open the mind, but they still dwell too much on materialistic bull****. If these people are really that "In tune," then why are they making a killing off their sales and there's still no world peace?
Because they're focusing too much on "materializing" the new car they always wanted?? WTF?

Please don't buy into these people. What they say about Quantum Physics may be true, but I find them still to be focused on all the wrong things, and VERY misleading. Just another way to get you off the real matters and focused on trivial bull****.
And that Ramtha channeler is full of it. Trust me, I know.
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