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Default Re: safest place in the world

Hey, am just glad if my humble/small experiences/thoughts are of some help/interest to some of you.. I feel honestly humbled to get any feedback..

People around here seems so knowledgable and up to speed on things, really I'm just a newbie around here (or any forum for that matter!) .. not quite sure where to post etc.. (and a bit wary still of how my experiences/postings might be received!).. but am getting there.. lol!

Capreycorn.. just wanted to say.. truly, EVERYONE'S names are written in the heavens .... I've been 'shown' somewhere called the "HALL OF RECORDS" several times ... really.. I kid you not.

Well folks, time for rest for me, I can't type too long due to pain, so sometimes takes me ages to type.. also once I start writing something, I don't seem able to stop the flow! lol. So am sorry if I seem to pop in and post then disappear, nothing personal and I will try to reply/get back to folks as soon as able!

love and light to all, and hey.. maybe one day I'll get brave enough to share some of my paintings.. who knows! lol . ... and maybe chat through some of my other experiences.. I only felt able to share with a handful of close friends at first, but maybe it's getting time to get a bit braver!

It would be great to hear from others who might have "other worlds" experiences/'journeys'/'Messages'/Dreams/'visitors'/Clairvoyance/Mediumship or those kinds of things.... (not UFO type stuff, though I do find that interesting too, but I mean more matters of Spirit or Near Death or 'Life After' here... that kind of thing?)
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