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Default Re: **** Steorn Launch Imminent - Free Energy Begins ****

Hi tsl,

The first incarnation of Orbo was a permanent magnet version - you are correct. A lot of time has passed since then and the Electromagnetic version is a much newer development which is (to be perfectly honest) much more suited for the commercial market and far easier to engineer.

The demo that they just did was using the EM version which ran on their own ZeroF bearings to minimise friction and radial forces. I was satisfied that the demo showed OU clearly, but then I've been looking at this for some time now. It was not an attempt to convince a sceptical public. The demo was more aimed at electrical / mechanical engineers and product developers.

I know exactly how the PM and EM versions work and it's very clever engineering indeed. I've seen third-party engineering report validations as well as witnessed practical experimental confirmation of the effect.

The rigs shown in the demo were roughly 300% efficient at only roughly 1300 rpm. The good news is that Orbo efficiency increases with speed as the pulse width becomes shorter.

I'm sorry you haven't got a testing slot, but they were pretty clear that priority would be given to commercial testers first. As far as I know they have been heavily oversubscribed for testing slots. It's not my decision otherwise I'd invite your professor friend.

I admire him for the simple fact he has maintained an open mind and is even willing to go test for himself.

The independent calorimetry data (from a German company I believe) will be posted soon and will provide further proof that Orbo is indeed overunity.

Also the SKDB opens soon and you will be able to go in and judge for yourself and see how the tech works.



Originally Posted by tsl View Post
If they are for real, i mean the technology is really OU, then it's wonderfull.the sad point to this storry till now: first they have said they have a permanent magnet motor, then problems with bearings, then after some very long time it comes to a demo but to be honest you have to admit it shows NO OU. on the other hand, if you are part of the private party, can you testify that you have seen any signs of OU (real scientific data) or do you know by now how to get OU?can you show the world out there a real running orbo(not that showed by the demo)?any signs of a OU device?
i don't think so.
and btw i do know ppl that wanted to test the device displayed but get no response from steorn, one of them is a TU Berlin professor.i for myself also did not get a response from them, not even a formally autogenerated one, nada.
in the world of bussiness the seriousity is damn important and they do lack of it.
flame war open
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