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Default Re: **** Steorn Launch Imminent - Free Energy Begins ****

Originally Posted by Seafury View Post
I've been following this quite closely. Steorn seems extremely transparent. I don't know how they could be more transparent actually. I don't understand why no one seems to take them seriously. At least when I bring up the subject anyway.

They demonstrate their claims right in front of you. They invite the public to test it themselves. For 400 pounds you can get the development plans. What more could you ask for?

My question to 007 then, since you're even more deeply into it than I am, have you seen any claims from anyone that the current incarnation of Orbo does NOT do what Steorn is claiming it does? Is there any doubt in anyones mind that has actually tested the technology?

Also, what do you get with the development package? Blueprints?
Hi Seafury,

I've been a beta-tester in the Steorn private area since 2007. Since that time I've no reason to doubt Steorn's claims, in fact we are privy to non-public reports, tests and other supporting data that backs the claims going back years. The Steorn guys are all genuinely nice and very normal engineering types. They were fortunate enough to discover the anomaly and since going public have recieved nothing but the ususal sniggers and debunking from elements of our controlled media, academia and scientific establishment.

Back a few years ago they tried to get scientific agreement behind closed doors by approaching about 100 different institutions and universities. Out of that they were able to persuade 8 to test. All of these 8 confirmed anomalous gains of energy but NONE WOULD GO PUBLIC to aid disclosure due to the ridicule factor of being associated with perpetual motion claims.

It was at that point that they decicided to publish the now famous advert that appeared in the Economist.

There are many skilled builders in the SKDB who are replicating rigs using Orbo configurations right now and as you may have seen, one of our guys ClaNZeR was instrumental in providing test rigs for many members to replicate with.

This link will give you a flavour of the kind of stuff going on.

The version of Orbo being commercialised is the Electromagnetic verison dubbed eOrbo. It is configured so as to decouple the back emf experienced with a normal motor. Not harvest it or do something funky with it, but to eliminate it's existence completely. As a result of the cancellation of CEMF then the motor can achieve many times overunity as the motion of the rotor is not being pulled back by the CEMF.

Right now as we speak testing is going on by commercial companies and individuals who'd like to do product development using Orbo. That testing finishes on Friday 26th (tomorrow). In the following weeks we expect the results of the independent tests and also full independent calorimetry results to be made public followed by the doors opening to the public / research / engineers / any other interested parties.

Having been around intimately involved with this process since 2006, I have no doubt as to the validity of the claims.

The next step is independent confirmation in the form of 3rd party replications and when the SKDB opens I've no doubt that it won't take too long until we see that.

I'll keep the forum updated with new developments.

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