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Default Re: **** Steorn Launch Imminent - Free Energy Begins ****

Hello everyone,

Just an update on where we are with this. The following is a press release from Steorn.

Testing - Orbo Technology Update

On 30th January 2010 Steorn announced that it would make Orbo technology available for testing at the Waterways Visitor Centre.

Since then Steorn has been hosting third-party testing and finalising calorimetry tests. This third-party testing will continue until the end of February.

Steorn will make the results of the calorimetry tests available alongside other test data in the coming weeks. These results will be pivotal to a widespread uptake of Developer (and ultimately, Commercial) Licenses. Steorn will open the SKDB to the general engineering community after these test results have been released.

Developers wishing to come and test Orbo technology at the Waterways should make a booking at .


So basically until the 26th Feb, there are daily independent tests being carried out by both commercial interests and private developers who are interested in adopting Orbo technology for product development. Independent calorimetry results will also be made available on confirming more output energy.

Keep checking the blog for developments as I don't post everything here on Project Avalon.


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