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Default Re: **** Steorn Free Energy Launch NOW ****


The Free Energy Live demo talk demonstrating Coefficient Of Performance >1 has been announced.

Steorn to present a talk "Steorn's Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction COP is greater than 1"

Steorn is pleased to announced that the second in its series of talks on its Orbo technology, “Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction COP> 1”, will take place at 17.00 GMT on Tuesday, 12th January 2010. The venue is the Waterways Centre, Dublin, and the event will also be streamed live at

This talk was originally scheduled to take place last Friday but had to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

The talk / demo will be livestreamed accross the internet on camera feeds 1 and 3 from or if you happen to be in Dublin you can go along and watch for free.

If you happen to miss the LIVE presentation then don't worry. It is being recorded and will be posted on Steorn YouTube channel.


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