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Default Re: Solar Panels and CME

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
I dont. I said before no-one really knows.

My hypothesis is simply based on the fact that larger guage wiring has a much higher current carrying capacity. Dont know about the inverter or charge controllers though

Hiding spares in a Faraday cage might be just the ticket if you were worried about a CME (I am not).

However, back to theory about what you can do - it occurred to me that I am planning to get a used sea container to put stuff in - I have too much stuff at the moment. It occurs to me that if I ensure the doors and sides are electrically connected I have a large faraday cage ready to hide stuff in.

Probably do the trick for a CME.

If it was military action and EMP's resulting, then if it were me doing the attack: I would hit you with an EMP - wait till you got your spares out of the grounded sea container in your garden, then hit you again a few days later - game set and match to me.

and that's why I think you always need a back up and store it in the sea container, which I previously though being a great place to hide and seal, wait till the water drops,
but as a faraday cage: great idea :-) and easy to do

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