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Default Re: Jobs for 'internment/ resettlement' specialists

we are poised to go into 3 more countries in a alleged war on terror. Yemen, Iran, Pakistan and maybe a few more. Once we enter Iran and it will happen...Russia and china will declare war on the USA. there will be a cyber war as well as a physical war.

We will be taking on POW's not seen since ww2. They will be coming here and they will be indefinitely detained.

The "fema" camps are actually POW camps. To get congress to approve them the government uses "emergency" and "relocation" in descriptions.

These camps are for ww3. It is gonna be just like ww2 all over again here in the USA. rationed gas, food, draft, ect. This war is will have limited nuclear impact. Nuclear weapons have been micro sized now and there is satellite evidence there was such a weapon planted in the WTC buildings.

we could see building coming down akin to 9/11 attacks...both false flag and real attacks.

We will also see DU weapons that give off harmful radiation. The bullets themselves can make you sick.

I also believe we will see a seizure of the internet and banks. Infrastructure will be compromised. people need to get prepared for this. Obama is heading right into an abyss.
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