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Default Re: Birds Dropping Out Of The Sky

and HAARP IT IS! you win Majorian, now someone turn the damn noise off . it's bloody dreadful today.
after years of digging on this, the underground tunneling could be what some people hear, but I am pretty convinced it is haarp (in my area )and cell towers in conjunction. Some say it measures as microwave on detection devices, others say you can not measure the frequencies being broadcast. I checked into police tetra systems and it certainly isn't that.
It gets expensive trying to track what it is, but since I know of no remedy, why bother? Faraday cages don't block it. sad to say.
I hear it in the states too, in some surprising places, both of the loudest places so far are in proximity to large bodies of water, not sure if this is a coincidence but the sonar aspect is definitely something to consider.

There are many places to get info on this, but you will always hit a wall. It is called "The Hum", most likely after the Taos Hum, or the Bristol hum. It doesn't sound like a hum to me. It physically hurts, causes insomnia, nausea, heart problems, brain fog, even suicide for some poor souls.
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