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Default Re: Birds Dropping Out Of The Sky

Originally Posted by Snowbird View Post

I sometimes think that it stems from underground, but I can't be sure.

I have wondered if the sound that I hear is from tunnels being bored under the surface of the earth.
Smart idea, snowbird. I too hear a low frequency hum at night sometimes. As I'm not far from the sea I associate it with engine noise from the ships out there. This is possible.

I don't feel myself that it's some kind of brainwave.. though I don't know... but a noise from digging... or coming from the earth itself - maybe.

But lilke so many things, we just don't know, do we? Still I like the idea and IF a lot of underground digging was going on in lots of places then that might explain it.

Still, that would assume that the human race (or part thereof) were in some way good at organising and preparing for things.

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