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Default Re: Birds Dropping Out Of The Sky

Hi justpeter,

I'm sure the birds were struck by a plane taking off - not passing by the turbine.

That would answer the blood spattered birds. About the 12 foot radius? Don't forget you read it in the Sun. There are women with big breasts in there also.

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Originally Posted by justpeter View Post
Here in the UK in today's Sun newspaper is a report about 100 blood-spattered starlings having dropped out of the sky and landed within a 12-foot radius. The report says this mirrors mass bird deaths in Australia and the U.S.

The UK incident was in Somerset, 10 miles from a military airbase. Hmm.....

It mentions other incidents such as in January this year hundreds of dead birds plunged "like rocks" in New Jersey. In 2007 thousands of wattle birds, honey-eaters, myna birds, crows and hawks mysteriously fell dead near Esperance, Western Australia. The same year, 60 grackles, sparrows and pigeons did the same in Austin, Texas.

What's going on here? Are the PTB testing some kind of death ray?
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