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Default Re: Birds Dropping Out Of The Sky

I am not surprised, the low frequency noise I hear is off the charts for the last week and constant, usually it is on only at night , after midnight or so. I would say this noise is driving me crazy but....well it is amazingly irritating and hard to take, and obviously harmful to the cellular structure of body and soul.
Gloria Gaynor time, I will survive, but really!!!! and every attempt I make to network on this subject leads precisely no where, and there are quite a few of us who can hear it plain as anything. It's like a big mofo diesel parked outside my house, or a very loud but slow boom box car. Sad.
I mean its ridiculous, I have to sleep with a fan on for creating different viibrations, and its freaking cold too!
Yesterday my radio/cd player kept turning itself off and on. I think there is much afoot and possibly some fear by TPTB about sun activities, either that or they are just nuking us softly, testing out the toys.
Interesting that the noise has been on without discernable chemtrails too, and I thought they had to have a pretty dense plasma sky for that . I guess we have reached saturation , but hardly surprising as they have been at it pretty damn relentlessly for so long. WOW think of the money alone.

I would hate to be one of the perpetrators .
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