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Default Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?

For me the great gathering is the "evacuation" of all Krystiac souls from the Milky Way galaxy into the God's worlds

There will be a separation in 2012 of those that choose the path of ascension and transmigration to other worlds and those that choose the path of de-evolution who will stay here and eventually face the changes that our Sun is undergoing

I understand from the communications from the Guardian Alliance that the more than fifty percent of the peoples of Earth are choosing the path of de-evolution and that is fine too, that choice was taken in 2003

The separation won't be in the sense that one day we will be here and the other somewhere else. That is not going to happen. Until we are ready for stargate passage, or natural death and Krystiac Bardoah rituals, we will co-exist with the people that have chosen the opposite path and may not be easy

So preparation at all levels is indicated for the journey ahead and strenghtening our capacity to be at peace in the face of chaos and serene in the face of anger

All the peoples of earth, including the indigenous peoples have been invited to join in the "slide" into Higher Earth if they so chose

Earth changes, disruption, the continuation of the economic chaos are expected and their severity will depend on the quantity and ability of the gridkeepers to keep the energies of the planet balanced. Who are gridkeepers? anyone that feels the call. Training will be given in the years coming to 2012 as to what needs to be done

Indigos are specially being called because they have the capacity to do the work of many

There will be people that will also be trained to help people that die of natural causes to ascend. How many we don't know, it depends of how many answer the call.

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