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Default Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?

I love how the "Great Gathering" is both personal and universal at the same time. Everything is relevant as the energy from the heart gains in it's momentum and begins to amass into the physical manifestation of action. I can see the wheels turning as more of us spin into action and recognize the gong resounding within.

When living in love and through the heart we find strength and power in our words and frequency. Our appointed tasks become us and are in unison with the best and greatest manifestation of the universal purpose. The positive manifestation of creation aids us through being aligned with our own intentions. Through standing on our own two feet, knowing that this a choice that has been ours to become and make everyday of our lives, we can know that we are indeed realizing our highest potential as sovereign beings on the planet.

Thank you Susan and 1Love for your contributions to this thread!

I choose to see the world as a being capable of healing herself, and being healed by her children. Each day we can bring the world closer to the "Great Gathering", a time of positive universal intention made manifest by YOU.

Peace of Mind, Strength of Heart,

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