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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

Originally Posted by lilac View Post
I think it is important to mention Ho'oponopono here. This is the Hawaiian art of forgiveness, based on the understanding that we are all ONE and taking responsibility for the experience. It is easy to google and simple to learn.
THANK U Lilac for this... I had never heard of Ho'oponopono,
THX for the introduction!
and Wilcock's "There's Only One of Us Here" is just brilliant,
a great reference for us all, thank you for sharing this.
He has such a wonderful way of summing things up!

Originally Posted by lilac View Post
The idea about forgiveness that they discussed was that Forgiveness is the miracle that can change the timeline. That is an awesome thought to consider and an experiment worth trying.
you bet it is!!! this is exactly what I believe as well.

forgiveness = freedom
fear binds the world and forgiveness sets it free

and the only way to experience true peace (inner peace) is
through forgiveness

in forgiving others, you are actually forgiving yourself

if you don't forgive, then you must judge

it also helps to remember that we are only capable of two emotions:
fear and love, that's it

~ one love ~
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