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Default Self-propelling over unity magnetic generator idea

I had this idea months ago after researching other models.

Imagine a wheel with 12-24 neo-d magnets on the outer perimeter edge(like the tread on a tire that touches the road) evenly spaced, on either side of the wheel magnets counter sunk and glued in a circle halfway between center and the outer edge. Riding on a ball bearing axle supported on either side by a rectangular support with stator coils across from where the magnets on either face of the wheel(the self contained generator). Now I'm not sure whether to use a permanent magnet or an electromagnet for the propulsion. I like the idea of a pulsed electromagnet to control rpm, using pulses timed with a magnetic pickup (like those used in automotive applications) I don't know how much impact eddy currents would have on it's speed or maintaining of, or how much energy would be needed to power the electromagnet to propel the wheel at speeds fast enough to create power through the stators. Nor do I know where to start as far as gauge and windings for the stators. I planned on using a 12 volt battery to power the EM while being recharged by the self contained generators.

That's why I'm posting it here. Is this feasible? Is there a flaw in my logic? I drew up some simple plans for this idea, but I have to find them to post.

Thanks for viewing.
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