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Default Re: Lightning fusion will end the energy crisis- time will tell-

Aren't you the one that claimed you were christ and chastised me for releasing free DC energy?

After reading your posts i have to ask you why aren't you networking with others to accomplish your goal?
It looks like you were banned because you lose your cool with people and start saying some really off-putting stuff.

Personally i believe any fusion of any kind is bad and a step backwards instead of forward.
Granted i have seen alien ships that run off of a clean reaction with some off world material, but most everything in this planet including water and air give off waste that is radioactive.

I believe you have put alot of work and time into your project and you should not give up so easily or write off mankind for not taking you seriously.

There are a ton of others that will gladly work with you if you are not so condescending.

Imagine that you can harness natural energy from the planet at different levels. For example if you knew how to harness this energy, you could tap into it at different levels creating and inexhaustible energy source that can power several worlds.
You can harness this energy at a planetary, solar, galactic and universal level from the same setup in the same spot.

Contact me if you wish, i will listen and converse with you.
I will turn no one away from expressing ideas and techniques as long as they are civil.

Flying Pyramid
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