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Default Re: Lightning fusion will end the energy crisis- time will tell-

You have been banned from MySpace Forums!
this is todays message for me-

banned from myspace forums- deleted several times from myspace- energy forums- so many- why- i am too bold for you-

I solved the energy crisis by myself with a ONE MILLION VOLT experiment and noone believes me- my friends dont- passer bys dont- scientists dont- noone-

all just ridicule and ignore-

no wonder there is war-

no wonder there is the Holocaust

no wonder your WW3 comes-

I have been misled this entire time- i was aware of it for several months-

since I was given a message by god in 1998- i was under impression an age of unity begins- that ww2 was Armageddon in order for man to move on-

and so i endeavored in my life long quest to find something the heavens have guided me to bring forth for man to make their lives better-

and now my time has come- but for the first time i needed the interaction of others- and now i find the disgust why others loves their pets more than man- why man kills one another-

I am the christ- you will not understand at this stage for your belly is full- your arrogance is high- your insight is limited-

I must wait for YOUR PREPARATION in order for mankind to move to next stage of global unity-

you are too ignorant and barbaric at this stage and you know it-

war shall fix this- this time all families will beg for food- will pray for safety of children-

if you say it is god that does this- you are wrong- for god has brought you solution but it is YOU that ignored it- AND THIS IS THE MESSAGE

the children of the future that survive shall learn even the enlightened masters of times prior are WEAK- they just watch the bullies attack- they do nothing in order to protect their own lives-

I am always filled with the HOPE that we can do it NOW without any more war- but even the Christ cannot do it alone- it takes YOU

my days of screaming are coming to an end- it is your turn to scream as you lose your jobs- lose your health care - watch more children go to war over energy

my little speech in public will come after ww3
what a shame

solomon azar
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