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Default Re: Dr Steven Greer - The Promise Of New Energy 2009

This is excellent news. I have followed Steven Greer for many years. Although I recognise the controversy last year when Bill and Kerry tackled him concerning whether all ETs are positively oriented or not, his contribution towards awakening the minds of millions of souls has been enormous. I recognise his ego gets in the way at times but this is an acceptable by-product of the raw energy that comes with it.

Concerning the development, it counts as one more significant brick in the wall of achieving a breakthrough in disclosure. A very strong dam has been constructed by the parties who control current energy production. These guys will not give easily and it is dumb in the extreme not to recognise this.

We have the Steorn guys in Dublin still in business trying to persuade the world that their technology works. More and more now we are seeing groups popping up in the open all at the same time. This poses the guys interested in suppression with a perplexing problem, one which is going to lead to their undoing: how can they continue to keep a lid on the technology without compromising themselves?

Steven Greer's announcement adds significant pressure behind the dam but a collapse any time soon is nowhere near secured. We cannot afford to let up until a clear victory is secured. To me, it looks like victory is possible soon and when it comes it will be quick and deadly for the old guard.

My contribution has been to talk about disclosure matters such as this amongst my circle of contacts. If you have tried something similar you will know this is not easy work, to say the least. Most people think you are a lunatic - quite literally! In my own small way I too have sacrificed willingly to help this process.

Now, because of this announcement, I am going to renew my personal and very local campaign to make sure as many people as possible are latently aware of what is inexorably approaching - a catastrophic failure of the dam of secrecy and suppression.
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