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Default Re: Personal feelings of the future...

Relayer, I love the new thread. I've read every post and it's wonderful to see the diversity of information for all of us to disseminate within our own hearts and minds.

Wish you guys were there for Pane Andov's talk on 2012.

My take on 2012 - I am moving away from the obvious negations that exist in our society via the media. I'm aware of their actions but instead I'm becoming the change that I would like to see in my life and around me. It all starts with the individual.

Currently forms of energy is speeding up everything, particularly the awakening of our consciousness. This element will become more intense as we near the 21th Dec 2012 period. The earth being conscious had once considered us the bacteria that lived in harmony, just like bacteria lives inside and on the surface of our skin (natural micro flora). Unfortunately we've become the virus. What happens when one has a virus or some type of infection, we aim to eliminate it as it causes discomfort. Well the earth will decide and we need to decide for ourselves whether we will change for the sake of the consciousness of our home. If not then earth will want to get rid of this virus in it's own way so that it will ascend into the next dimension with all of us or some of us.

A friend from Queensland wrote to me yesterday the following,
"Him and I do not see the spiritual growth in other people as much as you do, we do however know from the most recent meditations that LOVE and HEALING are coming generously from the divine realm at all times. Which in turn allows for greater insights and levels of consciouness."

In the words of Pane Andov his download has caused him for many years to lead a direction that many are now beginning to understand....The download he's recieved from a higher source is "Much pain but still Time".

FACTS and the TRUTH are not the same in my view. I'd rather follow the truth which lies within our hearts. Our consciousness is waking up, and people are beginning to question all that they see. The facts are no longer resonating the way they did in the past as they often were delivered in a subliminal fashion via our limited vision with our eyes and then processed with the thing we call brain. In other words facts are derived by inputing external information into your head. Whereas the truth already lies within you without having to recieve it via your eyes. The truth is and internal pulse resonating with all expressions of LOVE.

From my heart to yours.
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