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Default Re: Manifest for you! "wish list" let us think for others

I know, But, as YOU can SEE sometimes my Actions are taken, in the wrong

context... It's happened before; I'm sure, IT will happen again... But, " Just Once..."


" I did My best, but, I guess my best wasn't good enough...
Cause here we are back where we were before... Seems nothing ever
changes... We're, back to being strangers, wondering if I should I stay
or head on out the door..."

It has been a pleasure, Sammytray, I Just Love the pictures, THANK YOU...!!!

That, is quite a handsome youngman, you have there... Being a Father. IS the best.

IT was pleasure, manifesting for your wishes, for ALL on the thread.... I've always, said " USE ME

just don't ABUSE ME..." I've, always tried to help others... That's what I do. THAT IS why I'm here.

Thank you, SammyTray... For your Very Kind words... I can FEEL You... I, send Love to your family Sam...

I, hope you enjoyed the pictures I returned to you.... Just, a little peek at who Tango, really IS.

I'm headed back over to PA2... Where, the Big Kid's hang out Now... You coming ? I Understand the drama tho...



: wink2:

Originally Posted by sammytray View Post

You are to kind! YOU are the 'troolest'

It has been a real pleasure from day 1... your energy is fantastic

Thanks for participating with this thread, so many have enjoyed and benefited from your efforts...

I am going to PM you so I can send you a pic of my boy and me...

P.S. Great song you posted regarding mudra. Such soul in that song

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