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Default Re: Halo around Moon

Hi gscraig,

Channel 5 is right. A halo around the moon normally means that the following day it will rain. This is beleived as common here in Brazil as "Red sky at night shepherds' delight. Red sky at morning, sailors warning" in the UK.

I'm not sure if the halo is made of ice crystals, I though it was due to humidity reasons, but then, I'm not employed at the CRU!

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Originally Posted by gscraig View Post
Hello All,
This seems to have been a local event (or at least in the Midwest). Funny, because I noticed a halo last night around the moon, but it was much closer to it in proximity. I thought it was odd, but assummed it was the clouds. Apparently, there was more to it. Check out the small write up and pic via the link. I don't buy the reason though. I'm actually tired of the "ice crystals" theory being given for every abnormal event.

December 2, 2009
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