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Hi NorthernSantuary,
I have searched for any info I could see on the net, I saw videos and bought books for over 2 years but being well informed in free energy only since last year.

I think Tom Bearden (phD) is one person who really understand what is going on. He takes advantage of the few publications in the scientific Journals so what he tells is true. He explain it in the ¨Energy from the vaccum series¨ DVD and in his books. Having a small scientific background in physics, I know this person doesn't lies and that's the reason I'll try to see if I could extract some watts from the vaccum.

That's true that this is not the priority (energy) but just think 2 sec. what Montreal would be without power (electricity and fuel) only for 72 hours...hell.

I'd be happy to to join your next meeting to discuss it. But I may not be able to explain this technology in english as this is not my first language. When and where will it be anyways? Thanks
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