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Default John Bedini

I'd like you to know that Free Energy doesn't exist but it is conversion of energy. We have to extract energy from somewhere (wind, water, solar, etc). So it is the energy from free source but we have to pay for the device used.

I'd like you to know that there is some new ¨Free energy¨ device that there is not so much people that even know that it exixt. Search Google for : Free energy and you'll find plenty of website for device that produce energy.

Jonh Bedini, Stanley Meyer, Tom Bearden and so many other have builded device that produce free energy without wind, solar and water. It is extracted from the vaccum. YES, the vaccum is an energy source that has infinite amount of energy (the sun has a finite amount of energy).

I'm presently looking to build a ¨John Bedini Monopole Motor¨ and I'd like to know if someone in Canada ever did it or is presently doing it??? If yes, contact me here!! Or if you want any other information, ask me because I have a lot...

I'm living in Montreal and I speak french too (it is my first language).
I'm waiting for your reply!
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