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Post Re: So Long, Farewell, etc. Part 2

Originally Posted by pineal-pilot-in merkabah View Post

who says anyone needs to part, we can still type words on whatever forums we like. its only the internets. just cos mum and dad hav esplit up doesnt mean the kids cant all stay togehter and visit mum one day and dad the other
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Which one is the Mum and which one is the Dad?
This Turtle likes to avoid Jaguars for fear of being eaten...being the #1 food staple item in the Jaguar's diet! Cat body with a Turtle's heart...
Like everyone else who is leaving this Forum after almost two years it certainly causes some heartacheI've enjoyed the new friends I've met on this Forum...WaitingintheWings, Exchanger, P4Blo, Mudra, Wormhole, Mizar, Spiritelemental, Brinty and numerous others.
Things started falling apart months ago when all the mudslinging began however the journey doesn't end with this Project Avalon...we can either move into the Mists (where I have joined under the name Jenetta) or we can trot over to the Avalon2 Forum.
My very best wishes to all of you and hope to see you in the Mists!
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