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Default Re: Ride the wave of potent energy

Originally Posted by Ravens and Doves View Post
I did to do the above. I need to do it now and forever.

I forget to let go and stretch out my wings to catch the unicersal updraft.

Printing it out and taping it on my wall might help.


I also need to check my spelling before sending a post.

I meant **I need to do the above** And **universal updraft**

Deep and regular breathing is so vital. I've been finding myself all clentched up from tension and a kind of fear that's new to me. I'm usually known as a tough guy. I've lived on the streets at one point and survived a lot of pain without a whimper... but some new things have up and the load (physical and emotional) is breaking me down.

I know the first step is what Anchor posted.... let go... breath.

I must find a visualization that will help me not THINK about moving my lungs.. just let them do what they do.

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