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Thank you shokdee and Bluestik.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. What I'm looking for is to get enough electricity to power some of the basic appliances at home. I have some thoughts from the things that I have learned so far.
1) Many people have power generators at home that run on diesel. We have to replace diesel with fuelcell. Is that possible?
2) There are also many articles about magnetic motors which can be used to produce electricity. I really don't have much idea about how it works. But I thought that earth batteries would some way be used to compensate the loss of energy in the motor and make it run forever.

To shokdee - The book you recommended is really useful. I'm learning lots of term and things from it. Thanks.

To Bluestik - I started with Nathan stubblefield. Looks like his works includes earth batteries too. I'll be doing more research on it. Thanks.
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