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The most important thing to consider before you start is Energy Accounting. Just as you do financial accounting, so you should balance your books in terms of power too. What items need power? Is this electric power or can it be mechanical power? How much power do I need? How can I reduce power consumption? How can I use the power most effectively? With creativity and insight you should make good progress at this step.

That said, onto your question...

As I recall the idea of Earth batteries goes back to Tesla, who had many ideas for capturing radiant energy. (see the pdf referenced below)

Solar can be pricey but it is worth investing in the long term because solar panels have no moving parts and last a very long time. To start I suggest you buy whatever you can afford - even if this is only a tiny panel that can charge a few batteries (e.g. solar-powered garden lights). Then buy good rechargeable batteries for the solar panels. You now already have a small solar system that you can use daily (e.g torch) and should last your lifetime.

Also look out for windup or squeeze torch/radio/charger. These can be bought very cheaply nowadays and is a good place to start in terms of generating your own power. These might seem insignificant, but having a working torch is essential.

You might also want to look at other more conventional, tried and tested ways to generate electricity such as home-made windmills, converting a bicycle, waterwheels, and so on. There are many good videos on YouTube.

Coming back to radiant energy / Zero Point energy / energy from the vacuum there are systems that are relatively simple and inexpensive to build, such as a Bedini circuit. Download the Patrick Kelly free energy guide pdf, which is readily available, for many more ideas.

Good luck
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