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Default Re: Martial Arts - Have you trained or not?

I'm kind of a jack of all trades in the arts; an expert some could say, but master of none (well maybe my own "mutt" art I suppose)

I started at the age of 12 in the mid 70s...and I am still learning at 47yrs old

I am not belted in any style and only studied in a few schools here and there (and usually not for long - always less than a year) as I learned most of what I know from individuals and one on one training due to friendships with those who shared the same intensity and obsession with the arts as I have through out my life.

my art leans more towards the hard styles with qigong as a complementary accompaniment so I have only started messing with the Fa Jing bearing arts in the last 5 years and boy do I wish I had come across this stuff earlier in my life! Unfortunately it was still way taboo to teach to Americans back then

strangely enough...

...I have learned a great deal of my art from dreams

I am firmly convinced that I spent a life (or more) in ancient china as a monk or something similarly connected to the early arts

PS: I want to get into a dojo with all of you and PLAY!
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