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Default Re: Martial Arts - Have you trained or not?

Originally Posted by hummingbird775 View Post
Shinya Aoki some of the best jiu jitsu,
Absolutely, his last fight on new year's, rolling with that hammer lock was beautiful, but the post broken arm antics, well, he's a very poor sport. Would love to see him fight Penn.

Originally Posted by hummingbird775 View Post
Fedor Emelianenko is amazing.
Agreed, prolly the best p4p in the world though I'd like to see him fight some of the more recent big names in HW mma. Anderson Silva might be a better argument for p4p, but Fedor's more mysterious so he gets the nod from me, plus he's not afraid to arm bar God....

Originally Posted by She-Ra View Post's advised to try and avoid or back out of fights and if you can't, a pre-emptive strike is allowed as long as it doesn't do the kind of damage that light sabre would.
Agreed. Nothing good ever comes from a street fight, best to swallow any pride and concede to the drunks, unless all diplomatic avenues have been exhausted. Of course there are some clever ways to avoid a fight. I like this guy's approach, just embarass the would be bad guy into slinking away.

Almost forgot why I came back to this thread in the first place. I just finished watching Bill's new ww3 scenario vid, and the end reminded me of this interview with the late Evan Tanner. He was a self taught mma world champ, and died far too soon. A good man with his "message for a better world" here.

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