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Default Re: Martial Arts - Have you trained or not?

Originally Posted by She-Ra View Post
in the UK, even in self defense you have to tell the other person(s) that you are martial arts trained and you're not allowed to use it on them, so basically you have to street fight or get beaten up.
Do you have references for this? How would they ever legally define "street fight". Is a martial artist supposed to forget how to block and punch, both of which become much more effective with training? "Oh, I'll just block half as well as I normally do." Is someone with jujitsu training supposed to forget submission holds which could end the fight with no one getting hurt?

In the US, there are laws against excessive use of force in a self-defense situation. Martial artists are held to a higher standard because they supposedly know how much damage they are causing, so your training can be a liability in a court room. But then, we also have "make my day" laws in certain states that allow deadly use of force against intruders in your home. It's worthwhile to know your local laws on such matters.

I hold dan rank in Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu but I'm not training much at the moment. I'm getting too old for this stuff.
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