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Default Re: Martial Arts - Have you trained or not?

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
That's new to me. Why is that?
Probably considered a weapon, or unfair advantage in a fight, so like with a gun you have to be registered. Yes many things can be considered a weapon, but martial arts is a system of training and could be called a vetting process whereas anyone can go and buy weapons other than legally getting a gun and use them so they can't realistically have a register for that except keeping record of financial receipts if not paid with by cash.

If you ever get into a fight, in the UK, even in self defense you have to tell the other person(s) that you are martial arts trained and you're not allowed to use it on them, so basically you have to street fight or get beaten up. The laws might have changed though and it might be interesting to look up what the nuances are on people fighting in in a public where all parties know marital arts. Maybe the same as 'normal' fights - public disturbance, ASBO's, ABH/GBH etc.

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